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Design Systems Unlimited, Inc.

Architectural Design and Development Services

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Services we provide: 
Whether you are looking for a small residential remodel, new residence or you are looking for help with a commercial project - tenant improvements or new construction and historic building renovations, our company can provide many necessary services.   Please review the list below and consider how we can help you!

Project Consultation

We learn the requirements of your project use, site conditions, zoning, land survey, utility infrastructure to the site and your budget to develop the scope of the work.  We can do a cost analysis and come up with a preliminary design.  We do value engineering to determine estimated costs and affordability. 
Architectural Design Phase

We start with the preliminary phase, then move to the design development phase.  This is where we will coodinate with all the consultants, municipalities, building construction type-infrastructure analysis, zoning necessary for the project - structural engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, traffic engineers and then we start the Preliminary Design, Design Development, then start the Construction Documents for the bidding process.  We will assist with application for the permits from the various municipalities.  We also coordinate all meetings throughout the project. 
Construction Administration Phase

The Construction Adminstration Phase includes "over-seeing" the general contractor during construction representing the owner's interest.  The Administration Phase includes coordinating meetings for progress, review of schedule, review monthly payment requests draws, review change for requests and make sure that the contractor follows drawings and specification of the construction documents, and at project completion will schedule walk through for project "punch-list".  After the "punch-list"  has been completed, we will certify that the contract has been completed to meet the project Construction and Specifications documents.     
Development Services

Under the Development Services we provide site location by working with real estate professionals for land actuation, review zoning requirements.  Depending on the building use, we analyse rent rates within the five to ten mile radius to determine the rents  and to the total estimated project costs of the land, develoment costs, soft and hard costs for the Project Proforma Phase. Then we contract with architects, engineer consultants, general contractor, real estate leasing agents to finalize our total costs and manage the project to the finish.  
Project Proforma

The Project Proforma takes all Development costs broken down in two areas of estimated costs and project value and income stream. It includes soft, hard, constructuion interests and lender fees, closing cost fees, real estate leasing fees, development fees, contingence on construction cost and state taxes on the hard cost to determine total costs.  The estimated income is based on leasing income, lessexpensives to determine the estimated net income. The Project Proforma is used by the lending institutions and appraisal of the project development.       
Cost and Budget Analysis

Cost and Budget Analysis is explained above in Development Services and Proforma. The Project Proforma service is only upon reques,t as it is a extra service or under Development services.
Infrastructure Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis is provided early in the Architectural Design Phase.  
Master Planning

We have experience in master planning for large sites or for multiple building campus development.   
Working with Municipal Agencies

We work with many municipal agencies: cities, counties and state. Some are easier than others to work with. We have experience with permits, rezoning, change zoning (building height expansion), conditional-use permits, property change of use and city design review board hearings in downtown corridor.  We have participated in open hearings in front of city councils, county councils and hearing examiners.
Environmental Impact Studies and Statements

We have much experience in environmental studies and statements. (SEPA)  All new commercial projects is required SEPA and or within 200 feet of water front property. 
Service Pricing

We will develop a contract based on a flat fee or per hour basis, whichever makes sense for the scope of the project.  Our base hourly rates are as follows:
  •     Principle:                $125.00   
  •     Project Architect:    $  95.00    
  •     Architect-Autocad:   $  75.00      
  •     Administration:        $  65.00